Louise (Leavitt) Goodfellow

Louise means “protectress” or “watchful one.”

2 Corinthians 3:14-15 (KJV)—And above all these things put on charity [love], which is the bond of perfectness. And let the peace of God rule in your hearts.

Louise Goodfellow, Gavin's mom and wife to the mayor, is the spiritual and emotional safety valve in the Goodfellow home. With her gentle, fun-loving nature, Louise is a compassionate, submissive woman who enjoys homemaking and dress up. She loves old Doris Day movies and Father Knows Best reruns. But she also loves her Jesus with a passion, and He is at work within her—strengthening her character and nudging her to recognize that ignoring injustice doesn't make it go away. She knows she must learn to speak the truth in love and is working on it.

Motherhood is her one ambition, and while she wanted a bushel of children, complications in her first pregnancy prevented her from having any more. Gavin is the light of her life. Having such a sweet-natured, compliant child fully satisfies her maternal instinct, and she works hard to not be overprotective of him, especially now that he has entered the pre-teen phase of independence. Her greatest challenge is trying to keep the peace between Gavin and Bruce, which seems an increasingly difficult tightrope for her to walk.

Louise comes from a long line of steadfast believers. Louise's mother, Esther Stokes Leavitt, wanted her grandchildren to call her “Grandma Jibbers” because she is always jibber-jabbering about the Bible and the goodness of God. Esther and her brother, Warney, were raised in the admonition of the Lord by their parents, as taught by their great-grandmother, Mum-Mum Phoebe. In addition to a legacy of living examples of how to follow Christ, Louise has always had a tender heart and desire to be a faithful disciple. Daily quiet time for prayer and Bible study, as well as visitations and weekly services at Mount Hope Meeting Ground have enabled Louise to stay peaceful, no matter how red in the face Bruce may get or how hot the mysterious fires of Burnt Swamp may burn.