Eric Everett

Eric means “brave, powerful, honored one”

John 13:34 (KJV)—A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

Eric, 13 and in the 8th grade, has black hair that has a mind of it own—like him. He likes his bangs long so they tickle his eyelashes, which means he's constantly blinking and tossing his head to the right like a secret signal. Eric is Gavin's cousin and Molly's twin. Even after the divorce, when Eric was four and went to live with his dad, the three of them were best buddies, always hanging out together and goofing around. But priorities change.

When his dad, Ben Everett, married Trixie, Molly raised a stink. Eric tried to convince her that their new stepmom was cool. But Molly screwed up her freckled face and wouldn't even listen when he tried to explain how special Trixie made him feel by getting him braces for his pearly whites and teaching him fun games like the Ouija board. He got sick and tired of Molly and his mom nagging him about not going to church. But that stopped when his mom remarried and their new stepdad, Frank Pace, announced everybody had to make up their own minds about religion. As if things weren't strained enough, Molly goes and gets him to adopt her and changes her name to Pace—like that's going to draw them closer.

Last year when Eric made captain of the Firebirds, the Sunken Bridge football team, and his coach and teammates started making a fuss over him, he decided he'd found his niche. Couldn't Molly and Gavin see that he wasn't a gangly, clumsy kid anymore? Well, maybe a tad, but not when he had that pigskin under his arm making touchdowns and hearing the crowd roar. Gavin's the klutzy one. And everybody knows how dumb he is. How embarrassing.

Then Bea Daark came to Ashboro, and what a knock-out! At first glance, Eric went gaga over her. Then, when he found out about all the money she and her mother had and their plans to build a theme park, well, he couldn't wait to see what could do to help them turn this crummy town upside down.