Madam Daark (Donalda (Farrar) Daark)

Donalda is a Gaelic name that means “world ruler, courageous spirit”

Ezekiel 16:13 (NIV)—So you were adorned with gold and silver; your clothes were of fine linen and costly fabric and embroidered cloth. Your food was fine flour, honey and olive oil. You became very beautiful and rose to be a queen.

Donalda Daark prefers to be addressed as “Madam” Daark, never “Mrs.” or even “Ms.” In reality, she was never married and began perpetuating lies about the missing husband from the time her daughter began asking questions about him. Donalda has fabricated such an elaborate picture of the “unfaithful heap of rubbish” that she almost believes the phantom chap abandoned them as she professes.

A London socialite deeply entrenched in the occult with a special fondness for Old World witchcraft, she yearns for power to control and oversee kingdoms. An empire-building bureaucrat, Madam is a dangerous narcissist who has burrowed her way to the top. Changing her name several times and using her charms and connections, she captured the attention of leaders in the Order of the Knights of Laddrach years ago and has succeeded in making herself and her daughter, Bea, indispensable to them. Now, wielding the organization's bottomless stores of wealth, Donalda and Bea are on assignment in Burnt Swamp.

What Madam Daark hadn't anticipated was that the unholy order would partner anyone as refined and sophisticated as she with the repulsive, radical, New Age, 16-year-old Hee-Haw Downes. But it is true. And she must make the best of it.

A tyrant in every sense of the word, Madam Daark puts on a good front of being gracious and benevolent, but her rise to power has been solely through the use of fear and coercion. She actually gets an emotional high from making people squirm and hurt. Although she attempts to hide her irrational tactics, anyone with a discerning eye—like Uncle Warney—will be able to see right through her shallow and ruthless manipulations. What he understands that Madam Daark doesn't is that she and Hee-Haw Downes are both missing vital elements of human nature: a conscience, empathy, and moral scruples.

Madam maintains a love-hate relationship with her daughter because Bea is useful to her purposes, but Donalda despises the jealousy that Bea's beauty, grace, and youth evoke in her. There is a deeper reason for Madam's ambiguity toward her child. But no one outside The Order must know.