Beatrice (Abernathy Farrar) Daark

Beatrice means “joyful one; brings blessing”

Psalm 32:11 (NIV)—Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in heart.

As the only daughter of a multi-millionaire on a mission to convert Ashboro to witchcraft, this beautiful blonde 13-year-old has blessings galore and a lot to be joyful about. But she is far from “righteous” and “upright in heart.”

At 5'8” tall and 108 lbs., Bea has done professional modeling in London. Taught the intricacies of witchcraft from childhood by her mother, Donalda Daark, and funded by the Order of the Knights of Laddrach, Bea has never wanted for anything material. But, try as she might, Bea never seems to be able to win her mum's approval as Madam's aspirations revolve solely around impressing the Order.

So when the Order directed their relocation to the Lodge in Ashboro, with the promise that Bea would be useful to them in releasing the sleeping dragon and increasing her powers, she saw it as a way to endear herself to her mother and eagerly embraced the move. As distasteful as her new “shabby” surroundings are to someone so persnickety, Burnt Swamp serves as a gloomy backdrop that allows Bea's beauty and influence to shine brighter than ever. Always striving for perfection, with expertly applied make-up and a color-coordinated wardrobe, she prefers to set clothing trends rather than to follow them. Her favorite color is purple.

How utterly awful that the Order saw fit to team her up with redneck Hee-Haw Downes, whose personal hygiene is non-existent. Gross with a Capital G! But apparently the combination of her Old World witcheries and his New Age philosophies will enable them to find the necessary artifacts to complete the crest and release the dragon. Gavin is her greatest challenge. She must secure the diary, entrusted to him by his Uncle Warney, because it contains the clues she needs to find the pieces of the crest.

But Bea is smart (she hardly has to study at all, especially since Sunken Bridge Middle School can't compare to her previous academics), and equally manipulative, so she will figure a way to get what she wants. She always does.

Although her eyes are blue and her vision is 20/20, she wears emerald green contact lenses because she likes to be different. Her British accent is distinctive, and her voice has a honey-like quality. She wears Black Amber perfume; a heady scent of vanilla and amber that blends into each other, creating an air of mystery. She chose the exotic oil for her signature scent because of its hint of patchouli that was known for its pungent, musty aroma. It is delightfully overpowering, a good fit for her self-assured, sophisticated, flamboyant personality.

She talks to inanimate objects like Clyccan, her magical pen.

Where is Bea's father? According to Madam Daark, he abused and abandoned the two of them when Bea was three. Every photograph and trace of his existence has been eliminated, and Bea has no recollection of him except for a vague longing for a daddy's arms.

With their relocation to Ashboro, Bea and her mother decided to detach themselves from their notoriety in Great Britain and change their name from Farrar to Daark.