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Epworth students interview local author Candy Abbott

Eighth grade students in the Integrated Language Arts class at Epworth Christian School interviewed Candy Abbott, local author of the popular spiritual fantasy, Gavin Goodfellow: The Lure of Burnt Swamp. Mrs. Abbott visited the classroom on thursday, December 20, to read to the students the last chapter in the novel after which each student presented the author with a question. Students were eager to know what inspired the author to write the book, how long it took to write and where in the world is Burnt Swamp, really.

Epworth Christian School and the eighth grade class are the first class to usse the book as part of the ILA curriculum. ILA Instructor and ECS Curriculum Coordinator Melanie Theofiles has been contracted by the author to develop a Curriculum Guide that will be used by educators and schools wishing to integrate Gavin in to their curriculum.

Ivy Ulrich-Bonk, Epworth Christian School administrator said, "We hope our experience with Gavin will serve as a launching pad for other schools. Mrs. Theofiles has developed many diversified as well as interactive activities tht will appeal to all types of learners to include graphic organizers, digital photography, character analysis, interviewing and more. We are excited with what we were able to accomplish with the students and how the text wa able to open their eyes to things they may not have thought of before. We look forward to using it again next year."

If you would like to learn more about Gavin, you can visit his web site at