What's Happening

Sat., 11/24/07 - The Gospel Shop, Salisbury, MD

Candy was back at the Gospel Shop, 800 South Salisbury Boulevard 800, in Salisbury, MD, on Sat., Nov. 24, from 10 AM until 2 PM. What fun she had being accompanied by her helpers, Kade (7) and Saige (5), who spent the weekend with Grandmom and Granddaddy. When it came time for Candy to do a reading from Gavin, Kade (with Saige beside him) took postcards around to customers throughout the store and said something like, "My grandmom wrote a book and she's going to read from it in a minute. She's at the back of the store. You should go and listen." Quite a salesman, that Kade. As a result one lady who came into The Gospel Shop with the intention of buying Gavin but got sidetracked, remembered why she was there. The kids also rounded up a mother and some teenage girls who bought the book and asked great questions. Another customer who bought the book is a minister at Smith Island. Thank you, kids!