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Gavin Goodfellow Boosts Morale in Iraq


May 27, 2008                          Contact: Candy Abbott
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Photo Caption (left to right): Aaron Block, Heath Folmsbee, Dave Raines, and Daniel Suh show their support of Gavin Goodfellow: The Lure of Burnt Swamp while stationed in Iraq.
GEORGETOWN, Del. – Ellendale native Sgt. Heath Folmsbee and his buddies at C Company 3-116th Infantry found Gavin Goodfellow: The Lure of Burnt Swamp a good read during their tour in Iraq.
“(Gavin’s) story teaches important life lessons about common adolescent struggles of faith, trust, humility, identity, and integrity,” he says. “Its characters are vivid and lively and the setting description follows suit. This story is an excellent read and a ‘must-have’ for any children’s library.”
Folmsbee, a former member of the Virginia National Guard, emailed Gavin’s author, Candy Abbott, that a number of the men in his unit read the book. “I thoroughly enjoyed your book, and so did many others,” he writes. “Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers! 
Abbott says the Christian fantasy’s popularity in the unit was gratifying. “When Heath’s mom told me that Gavin was being enthusiastically passed around the unit, I was elated. While the book targets young adults, we wanted its compelling story to appeal to older readers, as well. Heath and his friends’ response affirm that.”
 “Gavin piqued Heath's interest in a couple of ways,” says Heath’s mother, Judi Folmsbee. “He is getting closer to God since he went to war the first time, so it touched him in his journey as a Christian. He could certainly identify with being ‘Battle-Ready.’”
Folmsbee, who resides in Herndon, VA, with his wife Chelsea, recently returned from his 8-month tour in Iraq and has since left the Virginia National Guard. He returned to his civilian job as a mechanical engineer at NavSea in Bethesda on May 21.
     Gavin Goodfellow: The Lure of Burnt Swamp, which was released May 1, 2007, is a spiritual fantasy centered on a 12-year-old boy who is on the edge of discovering his spirituality. The Burnt Swamp episode is the first of three books which chronicles Gavin’s adolescent journey, a time when the choices he makes will not only affect his destiny but also the future of his hometown and beyond. The book is in its second printing. Visit for more information.
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